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ACE Hardware Reports 2nd Quarter 2018 Results

ACE Hardware Reports 2nd Quarter 2018 Results

ACE Hardware Reports 2nd Quarter 2018 Results View Online

FEATURED CONTENT – FROM THE EXPERTS               August 23, 2018

The Retail Apocalypse: Imagined or Real

Some industry analysts have said the so called ‘retail apocalypse’ is simply a figment of the media’s fertile imagination. While others believe the term aptly describes a real-life phenomenon that has caused retail giants such as Toys R Us to stumble and fall, never to rise again.
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Selling More Than Back to School Supplies

As we see school starting this year, start planning for next year and do it in a not-so-traditional way. Don’t JUST focus on the BTS supplies but also on the services, by way of advice and guidance, your “BTS Specialist” employees can provide.
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Making The Home Smarter

In today’s world of smart phones, smart televisions and smart cars, smart homes aren’t really anything new. The question is, are you leveraging all of the sales possibilities that are attached to the development of one?
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Ace Hardware Reports Second Quarter 2018 Results

Market Force Information®, a worldwide leader in customer experience management, named Ace Hardware “America’s favorite home improvement store” for the second year in a row in the home improvement category of its annual survey.
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Qualified Remodeler magazine’s 40th Annual Top 500 List Revealed

In total, the group represents $9.7 billion in sales on 1,016,000 remodeling and home improvement jobs. The list was first compiled in 1978 and has been the benchmark of success among remodelers and home improvement professionals ever since.
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Tundraland Home Improvements sets GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™

The company set the record through its annual fundraiser that combines passionate communities with artistic talents to raise money for deserving individuals and families: Windows for a Cause.
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Nordstrom Board of Directors Authorizes $1.5 Billion Share Repurchase Program

The actual number and timing of share repurchases, if any, will be subject to market conditions and applicable Securities and Exchange Commission rules.
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Samsung’s Exynos i S111 Delivers Efficiency and Reliability for NB-IoT Devices

The new NB-IoT solution offers extremely wide coverage, low-power operation, accurate location feedback and strong security, optimized for today’s real-time tracking applications such as safety wearables or smart meters.
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5 Technologies Changing How We Shop

It’s possible that retail has changed more in the last three years than in the past three decades – and that’s certainly been the case at The Home Depot. Since our first online sale was recorded in 2000, we’ve embraced cutting-edge technologies to make shopping as easy as possible.
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