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FEATURED CONTENT – FROM THE EXPERTS                    July 26, 2018

Shop Local is an Easy Sell

One of the best ways for you to build relationships with your customers is to support a cause both you and they care about. And, if the cause also happens to grow your business, that’s even better. This fall, millions of people around the country will make an extra effort to shop in their local communities on Small Business Saturday. This is a great example of how a well-executed promotion can exceed expectations and rally businesses and consumers around a common cause.
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Give Them a Reason to Buy

There are a great many reasons why your customers come in looking for a new appliance. The old one is broken beyond cost efficient repair. They’re refinishing their kitchen and opting for new appliances. They finally got tired of having the microwave take up counter space so they’re replacing it with an over-the-stove model. And here’s one of the bigger ones in today’s markets: They’re looking for something more energy efficient.
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Getting More Social with Pinterest®

Many of your customers are on Pinterest, are you? One reason why some retailers are more successful than others is their willingness to move beyond their comfort zone to try something new. While it’s true that Facebook® is the giant of social media, Pinterest is a natural fit for home improvement retailers since it attracts millions of people who want inspiring ideas for DIY projects and home improvement tips. The platform has 75 million users in the U.S. and is second only to Facebook when it comes to influencing purchase decisions.
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Kirkwood Material Supply Joins SiteOne Landscape Supply

ROSWELL, Ga.–SiteOne® Landscape Supply, Inc. (NYSE:SITE), the largest and only national wholesale distributor of landscape supplies in the United States, announced today the acquisition of Kirkwood Material Supply. Founded in 1983, Kirkwood serves the greater St. Louis market with eight locations focused on the distribution of hardscapes and nursery products to landscape professionals.
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CA Home Depot Stores 1st to Debut Line of CEC Compliant Light Bulbs

All 200+ Home Depot stores in California answered the call for energy efficient light bulbs, becoming the first major retailer to offer a complete line that is fully compliant with new California Energy Commission lighting efficiency standards. “We have an entire assortment in store today ready to meet the lighting needs of all Californians,” says Aaron Stein, senior light bulb merchant for The Home Depot. “And we’re proud to lead the charge with our supplier Feit Electric, a family-owned business born and bred in California. You’re not going to find this selection anywhere else.”
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CEMEX Ventures Invests in Smart Concrete Space Through Concrete Sensors

CEMEX Ventures announced today an investment in Concrete Sensors, a U.S.-based startup that enables contractors to accelerate their schedules through accurate real-time monitoring of temperature, relative humidity, and strength with any mix design of concrete. Concrete Sensors, an Internet of Things company focused on construction, uses embedded wireless sensors, combined with a mobile app, to supply the data needed to make critical decisions with a high degree of accuracy. The combination of data and in-house concrete lab calibration enables their customers to save money and reduce schedules by weeks, all while improving quality.
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Mitutoyo America Corporation Showcases Products at IMTS in Chicago September 10-15

Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to introduce its interactive small tool table and announce highlight products for the IMTS Show in Chicago from September 10-15, 2018, at McCormick Place Convention Center. Mitutoyo will be located in IMTS Booth #135215, East Building, Level 3. Mitutoyo America’s booth at this year’s IMTS show will definitely change your understanding about precision measurement tools. We will introduce innovative interactive displays, which will give booth visitors quick access to tool specifications and show the unique features of select individual specialty tools. The interactivity of the displays are sure to draw an audience to our popular small tool area and will significantly cut down on wait times from years prior.
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TSI Announces the Annual EnergyTech Conference & Expo – October 22-25 at IX Center

This year’s EnergyTech conference, in collaboration and cooperation with Information Security Summit (ISS), will gather over a thousand attendees to what is now known as “Summit Week.” The gathering will include technical professionals and decision makers from diverse backgrounds, e.g. – IT Security Professionals, System Engineers, Utility/ Power Engineers, Researchers, Developers, Technologists, Business Managers and Policy Makers from diverse segments such as Utilities, Corporations, Government and Academia. The conference topics will address system complexity, model-based engineering, advanced control networks, power technologies, and security management in Energy, Aerospace, Transportation, Critical Infrastructure, and MicroGrids.
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Rust Bullet, LLC Announces Rust Bullet® DuraGrade Concrete

“Our DuraGrade products not only provide a lower VOC option for those concerned with the preservation of our environment, or are required to comply with stricter VOC regulations, they provide phenomenal protection with best in the industry performance! DuraGrade Concrete exceeded the capacity of the ASTM testing apparatus/limits in three of the five tests. During the pull-off adhesion bond strength test, the concrete broke apart before DuraGrade lost adhesion. This is unheard of in our industry,” said David Ciglar, General Manager, Rust Bullet, LLC.
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