HIR: Counting Down to Our All Industry Show Preview! HIR: Counting Down to Our All Industry Show Preview!
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LATEST NEWS & FEATURES                                                July 16, 2020
NRF Calls on Retailers to Set Nationwide Mask Policy

The health and safety of associates and customers is retailers’ number one priority and wearing a face covering or mask is scientifically proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
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84 Lumber Opens 200 Store Positions Across the Country

With nearly 250 locations in over 30 states, the company is an essential business and is rapidly expanding within new and existing markets.
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Temperature Can Make You a More Competitive Buyer

Published in the July 2019 issue of the Journal of Marketing, the study analyzed housing auction data and reported results of a series of six designed and controlled auctions and negotiations. The data measured…
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Retail shrink totaled $61.7 billion in 2019

Rising incidents of theft have coincided with a period when states have amended laws to increase the dollar threshold that constitutes a felony, which is more likely to be…
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Early-Stage Mortgage Delinquencies Exceed Great Recession Levels in April

To gain an accurate view of the mortgage market and loan performance health, CoreLogic examines all stages of delinquency, including the share that transition from current to…
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Orgill Partners with Zoom

Orgill, Inc. has announced that it will be harnessing the latest in interactive meeting technology to make its upcoming e-Volution online buying event a more immersive and…
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Customers Buying Habits Transform the Retail Landscape

One report of interest to retailers and manufacturers in the U.S. Sales report, a monthly measurement that collects sales data on 4,900 firms in the retail industry. The surveys help identify trends that…
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Housewares Charity Foundation Announces Donations for 2020

As the pandemic continues, the HCF’s current fundraising drive is focused on raising money to purchase face masks for those in need. For additional information and to contribute, please visit…
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NRF announces new format, theme and timing for NRF 2021

NRF received unanimous support from its major exhibitors, sponsors and partners regarding the decision to move the “in-person” exposition and conference to June 2021.
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Preparing for High Winds: How to Protect a Home from Damage

While wind can be a powerful asset, it can also pose a significant danger at times. On an individual basis, it can be valuable to understand the impact of high winds and…
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