HIR: Counting Down to Our Fall All Show Preview HIR: Counting Down to Our Fall All Show Preview
HIR: Counting Down to Our Fall All Show Preview View Online

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LATEST NEWS & FEATURES                                                July 6, 2020
The Home Depot Applauds Passage of Georgia Anti-Hate Crimes Bill

Georgia was one of only four states that did not have such a law, which aims to deter hate crimes by imposing sentencing guidelines for anyone convicted of targeting…
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Plumbing Manufacturers International Legislative Forum Delivers Insights

“Our members gained access to valuable information from experts with remarkable knowledge and insights into issues affecting our industry,” said Kerry Stackpole, PMI CEO/executive director.
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Americans Aren’t Entirely Sure How to Care for Their Lawns

Despite the fact that half (53%) of surveyed U.S. adults who are responsible for maintaining their own lawns said that a well-maintained lawn is the most important part of their property’s curb appeal…
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Cook up Healthy Sales with Small Appliances

The concept of creating a harmonious balance has motivated people who were novices in the kitchen to purchase high-end products that can help them…
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Selling to the Customer’s Values

Many shoppers buy certain products or brands because they want to continue to make a social impact after the transaction is complete. They want to feel their purchases reflect…
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Double-digit Decline in Imports Adds Up to Empty Shelves

As restrictions are gradually lifted, people are now free to purchase items other than food and essentials. This is good news for retailers who were…
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Tractor Supply Company Teams up With the American Kennel Club

Customers rely on Tractor Supply to provide essential products to care for their families, homes, land, animals and pets. For dog owners, Tractor Supply is a complete pet store, offering…
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NRF Chief Economist Says Pandemic Recession Could Already Be Easing

“Will this recession be briefer than earlier recessions?” Kleinhenz said. “No one has a crystal ball. And just as it can take months to be certain a recession has begun, it can take time…”
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Lowe’s Teams Up with Dupont to Support Companies Making PPE

Lowe’s and DuPont teamed up to support businesses that are transforming their operations to help supply healthcare organizations with needed PPE.
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Orgill Adds to Its Leadership Team

As part of its continued commitment to enhancing technology and its role in the company, Orgill has hired Marc Hamer to fill the newly created role of Executive Vice President, Chief Digital and…
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