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LATEST NEWS & FEATURES                                             June 15, 2020
Housing Activity Index Reaches All-Time High in May

The May 2020 LegalShield Law Index, a suite of leading indicators of the economic and financial status of U.S. households and small businesses, saw its Housing Activity Index reach an all-time high…
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Hesitant to Return to the Office?

A new study from McAfee reveals that nearly half (47%) of employees do not want to go back to working how they were before the pandemic, with a fifth (21%) saying…
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Mayhew™ Introduces New Titanium Coated 8 PC Triple Square Bit Set

Mayhew Steel Products, Inc. introduces a new 8PC Triple Square, Low Profile, Titanium Coated, Dual Drive Bit Set…
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3 Reasons Why Hiring Older Employees Is A Smart Decision

You’re unlikely to encounter many septuagenarian interns, but it’s not unusual for people to re-enter the labor market or launch new careers when they are well into what was once…
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Lowe’s Opens Applications for Minority Small Business Grants

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. today opened its first round of grant applications in its previously announced $25 million commitment…
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CoreLogic Reports Borrowers Gained Home Equity

The report shows U.S. homeowners with mortgages (which account for roughly 63% of all properties) have seen their equity increase by 6.5% year over year…
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Get Ready for Gen Z – The Future of Retail

Younger shopper born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s will be the moving force in shaping the retail landscape in just a few years.
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Color Expert Lee Eiseman Explains How To Use Nature’s Crossover Colors To Attract Consumers

Looking for color schemes that are unique enough to catch the consumer’s eye but still feel somewhat familiar and have an element of universal appeal?
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Mortgage Delinquencies Remain Low in March 2020

On a national level, 3.6% of mortgages were in some stage of delinquency (30 days or more past due, including those in foreclosure). This represents a 0.4-percentage point decrease…
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Pandemic’s Impact on Imports Easing

The impact of COVID-19 at major U.S. retail container ports appears to be easing slightly, with projected imports remaining below last year’s levels but not as much as previously forecast…
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