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LATEST NEWS, EVENTS & Features                                    May2, 2019
SmartControlTM Containers Ready for 2019 Hurricane Season

Just in time for National Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 5-11, 2019), Scepter™ now has distribution available throughout the entire country of their easy-to-use Scepter™ SmartControl™ fuel containers.
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Gartner Says Marketers Must Focus on Helping Customers in Order to Remain Competitive Today

Research findings on B2C and B2B marketing, brand and corporate communications revealed during the Gartner Marketing Symposium Keynote here today, centered on one key theme: the brands best able to help customers either do something or feel something will win customer loyalty.
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Neptune’s Harvest Crab & Lobster Shell Multi-Purpose Plant Food 5-3-0

Neptune’s Harvest Crab & Lobster Shell It is excellent for lawns and gardens.
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Six Cities Leading Shift toward a Buyers’ Market

First American Financial Corporation a leading global provider of title insurance, settlement services and risk solutions for real estate transactions, today released the February 2019 First American Real House Price Index (RHPI).
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3 Reasons Why Hiring Older Employees Is A Smart Decision

Starting a new career after 60 is not for everyone,” Simon says. “But it can be rewarding for those with energy and commitment levels that are high, and who are willing to learn new skills and keep up with the constantly evolving technology.”
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Spartan Power Battery Cables

Spartan Power manufactures heavy-duty battery cables that can be sold as sets or single lengths.
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Graco Introduces Pulse FC Fluid Control System

Graco Inc. is excited to announce the launch of the Pulse® FC Fluid Control system, an innovative wire-free fluid control solution for vehicle service.
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Selling Solutions – Garage Upgrades & Organization

Spring is that time of year that, for whatever reason, drives us to want to clean up, organize, throw out the old, bring in the new, etc.
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THOR Kitchen Debuts Pro-Style 8-Piece Modular Outdoor Kitchen Suite

THOR Kitchen introduces its new 8-piece Modular Outdoor Kitchen Suite, offering homeowners the flexibility to put the appliances in any arrangement, while eliminating the need for built-in costs. 
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Reliant Roofing Launches New and Innovative Solar and Hurricane Protection Packages

Reliant Roofing has announced new services to revolutionize their customer’s roofing experience by incorporating solar roofing technology and full envelope hurricane protection.
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Specialty Hardware Assortment

United States Hardware has specialized in Mobile Home, R.V. and Marine hardware for more than forty-five years.
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