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NEWS & EVENTS                                                               April 25, 2019
Ace Hardware Named One of America’s Best Employers in 2019 by Forbes

Ace Hardware Corporation, the largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative in the world, is pleased to announce it has been named one of America’s Best Employers in 2019. 
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Grainger Increases Quarterly Dividend By 6 Percent

W.W. Grainger, Inc. (NYSE: GWW) announced today that its board of directors approved a quarterly cash dividend of $1.44 per share, an increase of 6 percent from the dividend paid in March 2019.
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Don’t Be A ‘Wish-cycler’

Wish-cycling, a term coined by Bill Keegan, refers to “the practice of tossing questionable items in the recycling bin, hoping they can somehow be recycled.
Learn more about recycling properly – courtesy of Lowe’s

Designer Doorware Wins at International Design Awards for Bullet+Stone Collection

The Designer Doorware Bullet+Stone door hardware collection has won at the prestigious International Design Awards (IDA), which celebrates smart, sustainable multidisciplinary design. 
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Snap-on Announces First Quarter 2019 Results

Snap-on Incorporated announced on April 18th, 2019, its operating results for the first quarter of 2019.
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Survey Reveals Employee Training is a Big Challenge

A recent survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), reveals that training is a challenge for small business owners for a variety of reasons that are within or beyond their control.
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Selling Solutions- Spring Cleaning & Organization

If you’re not leveraging this time of year to sell solutions in your store, you need to rethink your strategy and get on board!  Here are a few ways how you can approach it.
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Selling Solutions- Redecorating for Spring

In every retail outlet you can find the employee who is the “expert” in interior design because it’s the favorite hobby; they are the “go to” person that all their friends call on for advice. The Selling Solution for Spring Redecorating begins what that employee.
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