2019 Home Style Trends to Sell Around 2019 Home Style Trends to Sell Around
2019 Home Style Trends to Sell Around View Online

FEATURED CONTENT                                                                        February 21, 2019
Top Five Home Style 2019 Trends

2019 is here and with it, ample opportunity to refresh your home in new and exciting ways. Lowe’s trend experts are looking ahead to 2019 and what the year has in store for home and design trends.
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Selling Plants to Millennials is Growing Business

Whether they’re grown outdoors in gardens or planted indoors in containers, plants have become a source of joy and contentment for a new generation of gardeners.
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Service is the Key to Unlocking Pro Business

Although, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and landscapers typically work on small-scale projects for homeowners, many also generate revenue by subcontracting on complex projects managed by larger general contractors.
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U.S. Chamber Foundation Selects Recipients of Career Readiness Funding

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation announced the five chambers of commerce selected to participate in its Career Readiness Lab, a program in which each chamber will receive $95,000 to implement a work-based learning program to better connect students with academic and experiential learning opportunities in their community. 
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Walmart Joins Lumina Foundation in National Effort to Build Talent Marketplace of the Future

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation announced new support from Lumina Foundation and Walmart to begin the next phase of the T3 Innovation Network. 
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Twist and Seal Outdoor Cord Protectors

In spring and summer, your customers spend more time outside. Make sure their outdoor cord connections stay dry and safe.
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WWII veteran inspires Lowe’s customers and associates

Wally is 92 years young and a veteran of WWII and the Korean War. At the age of 17, he postponed going to college to serve his country.
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Home Depot Named Climate Action Leader

CDP, an environmental impact non-profit, has named The Home Depot to its Climate Change “A” list for cutting carbon emissions and alleviating climate risks.
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