HIR: Ace, Lowe's & Home Depot Big News! HIR: Ace, Lowe's & Home Depot Big News!
HIR: Ace, Lowe's & Home Depot Big News! View Online

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LATEST NEWS, EVENTS & FEATURES                         January 27, 2020
Ace Hardware Honors 2020 ‘Coolest Hardware Stores’

Ace Hardware Corporation is proud to recognize two local Ace Hardware stores with the company’s ninth-annual “Coolest Hardware Store” awards.
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PPG Earns High Marks on 2020 Corporate Equality Index

Created by the HRC in 2002, the CEI is regarded as the leading benchmark for corporate policies and practices relating to LGBTQ employees and their families, as well as workplace inclusion.
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Lowe’s to Offer Honda Power Equipment Products

Honda products are now available on Lowes.com and rolling out to stores nationwide over the next few weeks, broadening customers’ access to top-rated outdoor power equipment.
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The Home Depot Receives “A List” Rating from Environmental Impact Leader CDP

The Home Depot has been recognized as a global leader on corporate climate action for its efforts to reduce its environmental impact and build a more sustainable future for consumers and their homes.
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Want your appliances to last longer? Try cleaning them

Does it ever feel like your fridge just isn’t as cold as it used to be? Or maybe your dishes no longer come out of the dishwasher as sparkly clean?
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Convenience Plays Big Role in Where Consumer’s Shop

One thing is clear; consumers place a high priority on convenience. Over nine in 10 respondents were likely to choose a retailer based on convenience.
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Fairfax Roofing Company Answers Questions About Roof Replacement in Winter

Beyond Exteriors, a Fairfax roofing company, recently released a blog answering the question “Can you replace a roof in winter?”
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Creating a Stylish Niche with Housewares

Colorful displays of cookware, kitchen gadgets, and trendy appliances can be an engaging way to create a profitable niche and attract new customers.
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Fairfax Roof Repair Contractors Educate Readers on Roofing Underlayment

Beyond Exteriors, a Fairfax, VA roofing contractor, recently shared a blog that explains the importance of roofing underlayment.
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