Happy New Year from Home Improvement Retailer!

Our staff here at Home Improvement Retailer wishes your business and its employees great success in 2022. The past year was like a roller coaster ride that slowly builds momentum as it climbs up, then quickly plunges, coming down with surprising twists and turns. The ongoing pandemic has caused disruptions within the supply chain, shortages of materials, and redefined the relationships between employers and employees. It was quite a year. 

However, the home improvement industry remains strong and resilient. Many stores experienced record sales due to the surge in DIY projects initiated by homeowners. Low-interest rates fueled the sale of new and existing homes, keeping builders and pros busy working throughout 2021. 

When faced with material and labor shortages, manufacturers and suppliers implemented new processes to keep products and services flowing to their retail clients and consumers. It wasn’t easy—but companies found solutions and got things done. And that’s precisely what it takes to operate successfully in this industry.

We value our readers and appreciate the manufacturers who support our mission to help retailers improve their businesses by sharing insights and updates about the home improvement industry. Like our readers, the Home Improvement Retailer staff is looking forward to the new year with optimism. 

We also hope that the pandemic will finally come to an end and the world can move beyond the crisis that has altered our lives for more than two years.

We wish you much success and a healthy and prosperous new year.

Great Selling,

Home Improvement Retailer

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