The Original Garden Broom

Franmar International Importers Ltd. was established for the sole purpose of bringing The Original Garden Broom to North America.   The Original Garden Broom is a perfect combination of form and function. A must have new tool for all your outdoor sweeping needs. It functions in-between a corn broom and a rake, with the density of a corn broom yet the stiffness of a rake. It has the ability to sweep large and fine debris and works perfectly on any surface wet or dry. The Original Garden Broom is designed to clean patios, decks, driveways, garden paths, the lawn, garden beds and so much more! Great for pine needles, leaves and even light snow. Long lasting, strong and made to the highest quality standard. 100% environmentally friendly – uses recycled materials from the coconut tree. Ethically traded and handmade. With an attractive design you can leave it outside as an accessory to your outdoor living space. No other broom has received as much recognition and publicity as the Original Garden Broom ~ try yours today!

The Garden Broom has received written recognition in at least two publications:

Read the Vancouver Sun Article in PDF format by clicking here.

Read the Garderner’s Eden blog article in PDF format by clicking here.

And don’t forget to check out this video about The Garden Broom on YouTube!

Product is currently sold at Ace Hardware and on  Also sold in Canada and the UK.

Maria Rajanayagam, President

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