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Fluid Management is the leading global manufacturer of paint dispensers, paint shakers, and paint mixers.

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The X-SMART® automatic dispenser is the most economical automatic dispenser on the market. Small in size and big on value, the X-SMART can slide right into the spot your manual dispenser now occupies and help you grow your business. If your paint system calls for a low or zero-VOC-compliant solution, or if you want to reduce mistints and eliminate waste, the X-SMART will do the job with budget-friendly efficiency.


  • Easy transition from manual to automatic dispensers
  • Reduce employee training and mistints through automation
  • Universal and Low VOC colorants
  • Self-serviceable to reduce downtime and costs
  • Small footprint for conservation of floor space


Performance MEETS Reliability.  The big brother to the X-Smart®.  The X-PROTINT® is ideal for customers that are looking to automate their paint department and require faster dispensing. 


  • Faster Speed
  • Larger pump and bi-directional turntable results in 17 oz/min, twice as fast the X-Smart
  • Increased Reliability
  • Steel frame designed to handle any type of applications or conditions
  • Operater friendliness
  • Very compact, user and service friendly with a low TCO.
  • Front side service ability and operation
  • Easy brush cleaning
  • Low refilling height
  • Future proof solution
  • Proven and reliable piston pump technology – Low VOC ready
  • Air-tight nozzle and tubless design to sustain the quality of any colorant
  • Patented canister stirrer reduces colorant build-up

Accutinter 1600

The Accutinter 1600 automatic dispenser is a great fit for small and midsize hardware stores with low-volume tinting needs. Its small footprint saves space, and the simple design makes it easy to operate. With DVX® technology, the Accutinter 1600 delivers accurate dispensing with Universal and low-VOC colorants while reducing daily maintenance and ownership costs.


  • 24 oz/min
  • Small footprint for easy fit
  • Industry-leading calibration consistency due to no-wear stainless steel pump
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Self-serviceable to reduce downtime and costs
  • Mechanical closer hermetically seals nozzle tips to keep tips from drying out
  • Simultaneous dispensing speeds work, improves customer service

Accutinter 1600HS

The Accutinter 1600HS, with high-speed DVX® technology-based pumps and the capacity to dispense up to 4 colorants simultaneously, is a faster version of the Accutinter 1600. Still, the overall size is compact—just 35” wide and 24” deep, fitting in almost every paint department.


  • 4-channel simultaneous dispensing speeds up work, improves customer service
  • Small footprint
  • All-channels dispense up to 64 oz/min
  • Industry-leading calibration consistency due to no-wear stainless steel pumps
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Self-serviceable to reduce downtime and costs, improve performance with LVOC colorants
  • Automatic nozzle closer to keep tips from drying out

Accutinter 7000HS

The Accutinter 7000HS dispenses up to 4 colors simultaneously and can hold up to 16 colorants. Large canisters mean less frequent colorant refills, and a container shelf accommodates large orders. With a maximum flow rate of up to 100 oz/min, you’ll never be stuck waiting on a large contractor job. Perfect for larger hardware retailers and paint stores with medium to high-volume paint sales, the Accutinter 7000HS is adjustable to handle any can size.


  • Industry-leading calibration consistency due to no-wear stainless steel pumps
  • 100 oz/min flow rate for rapid order completion
  • Sleek, clean design to give your paint department a state-of-the art appeal
  • Adjustable shelving ideal for 1-gallon queuing and dispensing into quarts and 5-gallon containers

Accutinter 8000 Elite

The Accutinter 8000 Elite is for high-volume paint departments that need the fastest, most reliable, and highest capacity tinting solution. The Accutinter 8000 Elite boasts aggressive performance that is unmatched in the industry and a gargantuan colorant capacity. With a maximum flow rate of 150 oz/min, you will never be stuck waiting on a large contractor job.


  • Industry-leading calibration consistency due to no-wear stainless steel pumps
  • Dispenses 5 colors at a time for maximum productivity
  • Unparalleled accuracy due to DVX® pump technology
  • Robust conveyor front ideal for 5-gallon orders
  • Customizable to your needs: conveyor styles or canisters

Mixers & Shakers


New VR+Series with steel door. Vortex mixer is fast, flexible, and long-lasting. It can handle gallons, quarts, and pints and be stacked to save space. Easy to operate and maintain, with easy access to motor. Low-noise mixer so your team can think while they work.


  • Vortex mixing does not aerate paint
  • Mixes 1-gallon cans; pints and quarts with adapter
  • Small footprint, low noise
  • Available with programmable digital or mechanical
  • Optional stand for stacking 2 mixers

5G-HD Harbil 5-Gallon Shaker

The 5G-HD Harbil 5-Gallon Heavy-Duty Shaker features rugged components that dramatically reduce downtime and increase reliability for retail, commercial, and contractor centers. With a minimal-vibration patented design, this mixer operates safely while mixing quickly and quietly. Handles everything from quarts to 5-gallon containers.


  • Mixes a variety of sizes and quantities of containers
  • 8-minute timer
  • Excellent performance and outstanding blending
  • Long-lasting, proven performance for over 30 years
  • Heavy-duty design for improved stability and reduced noise
  • Automatic clamping plate that shakes entire cases of paints and colorants

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