Enhancing the Pro Experience with Hover

No more pulling out ladders and tape measures to get the dimensions of building exteriors. HOVER is here.  HOVER is an app that allows users to obtain accurate measurements and 3D models of home exteriors. With a smartphone, simply take a few pictures and within hours receive measurements for siding, roofing, windows and doors. The interactive 3D model delivered is customizable. This allows users to see exactly what the home would look like with different colors and products for a remodeling project.   

The Home Depot has partnered with HOVER to make life easier and enhance the Pro experience. HOVER users see an increase in both the size of the jobs sold and close rates. Using HOVER, Pros are saving roughly two hours of time estimating a job, which means additional leads and up to a 15 percent increase in close rates. 

“I’ve literally saved two weeks of my time by shooting five minutes of building. You can’t get that [time] back,” says Gennady Kozodoy CEO of Onsite LLC. “Those two weeks turn into me looking for more work and in return, it keeps my crews busy.” 

HOVER saves time, money and provides reliable estimates for exterior home projects. “Just as important as the hammer in my tool belt, this app is that,” says Gennady.  

Interested in learning more about HOVER, click here. 

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