My name is Mark Huggett, Marketing Director for Flair-It fittings in North America. Flair-It is a leading manufacturer of PEX, PERT and Polyvinyl fittings. ESCO, the parent company has been distributing Flair-It product for over 30 years. WE sell and service Ace, True Value, DIB, Orgill, House Hasson, Wallace and other leading Hardware Retailers with everything from fittings to pipe to manifolds. Flair-It plastic technology leads the crimp plumbing industry with their NEW PEXLock hybrid plastic crimp system that allows the plumbing pipe installer to use ordinary household pliers. The PEXLock connection is an approved certified potable plumbing connection and has a 25 year warranty. The combination of our plastic fittings and clamps creates a high integrity leak-free connection. PEXLock is available in 3/8”, ½”, ¾” and 1”. Plumbing does not have to be Rocket Science…go to www.flairit.com for a look at some of the best household plumbing in North America. Thank you and Stay Healthy.

PEXLock Fittings
Flair-It™ introduced their next generation PEX crimping program, PEXLock, 4 years ago, and the program has been a huge success. PEXLock has been tested by the competition and proved reliable. The system is NSF 14 and 61 approved for residential installs. It has seen success in remodeling, new home construction, RV, Marine and Manufactured Housing. The DIY users rave about its simplicity and Integrity. It works, and it is not Rocket Science—a pair of pliers makes the leak-free connection and backed by Flair-It with a 25-year warranty. The PEXLock can be used on PEX, and Poly Vinyl pipe, when paired with EcoPoly crimp fittings by Flair-It. PEXLock and EcoPoly fittings come paired in their pre-packed bags, color coded for size, and marked with all code approvals, warranty and install instructions in English, Spanish and French. PEXLock comes in over 100 potable plumbing varieties, from directional fittings, to specialty threaded fittings to unique transition fittings and all pair well with PEXLock full line-up of valve offerings. Success and Profits are in the bag. PEXLock…a Do-All water line retail program.

Flair-it PRO Manifold
Flair-It manifolds come in sizes from 8 Port to 36 Port. The Flair-It PRO manifold system has been copied by others, but still remains the only original Manifold with a true 1” flow chamber, and no “O” Rings to change out over time. The NEW Improved Flair-It PRO Manifold mounts easily to any type wall or cabinet through its Aluminum base, not steel, like others, nothing to corrode. Its Modular design allows for simple add-on fittings and valves—its thread on ports allow for unique flow designs as dictated by the installer to meet water flow demands. Flair-It PRO offers several variations to their all plastic system in both valves and directional fittings, and when paired with PEXLock, the PRO series manifold truly becomes a safe drinking water source for the Home, RV and Boat.

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Here is a list of some of our products. Be sure to check our website, www.escousa.net for more information!

Flair-It EcoPoly insert Garden Hose repair fitting, both male and female mating fittings. make quick repair of garden hose with these two fittings and the PEXLock clamp, no specialty tools needed.

Flair-It EcoPoly Washing Machine Valve, comes as a red handle and blue handle. The high-tech polymer is suitable for high heat water, will not corrode and mates well with washing machine boxes utilizing the included jam nut.

Flair-It EcoPoly Right Angle 3/8″ Compression valve–perfect application for exposed valves in remodel and new construction jobs where metal is not preferred and or black fittings. The Flair-It valve matches up perfect with the NEW white PEXLock clamp.

Flair-It EcoPoly straight and elbow swivel fittings feature a deep socket to ensure all mating threads are engaged on the included nose-cone washer, creating a leak-proof seal.

Flair-It offers unique valves to accomadte all plumbing needs for potable water. This valve has a built in swivel so that it can be mounted directly to the fixture without the added expense of a faucet riser.

Flair-It EcoPoly Three Way Valve allows for the by-pass of a waterline for convenience when winterizing RV’s and Boats, or when diverting water flow is required. The threaded fitting port allows for simple install of winterizing hose.

The Internationally patented PEXLock clamp is the simplest NSF approved potable plumbing system in North America–no high cost specialty tools needed, just a pair of household pliers. Simply insert the Flair-it insert fitting into the PEX or PERT pipe, slide the clamp up to the edge of the pipe, and squeeze the clamp over the connection, click, and you are done. The PEXLock connection is warranted for 25 years.

The original Flair-It Push-On fitting has been successfully making leak-proof connections for over 30 years. This is the only fitting program that can repair PEX, PERT, Polybutylene (gray pipe) and Polyvinyl. The fitting requires no tools for install, simply push the pipe on and tighten the jam nut.

Flair-It offers a complete packaged fitting and PEXLock clamps–simplifying the consumer search for the correct fitting and clamp. PEXLock comes pre-packaged with the fitting/valve and the needed clamps all in one retail pegged bag.

The PEXLock clamp has been engineered to withstand extreme heat and cold, it installs with a pair of pliers, and can be removed with a simple screwdriver, and then re-used, all while provide a leak proof seal on PEX, PERT, and PolyVinyl. The 25 year warranty and certified NSF and CSA listing ensures the integrity of the connection for the life of the product.

Flair-It EcoPoly fittings and valves come in over 100 varities ranging from 3/8″ to 1″. EcoPoly fittings are molded to a high standard and designed with the home owner and plumber in mind–with unique postitive stops, deep threads, reinforced pressure corners and thermal resistance resin.

The Flair-It EcoPoly Straight Valve allows for a quick, secure crimp connection on PEX, PERT and PolyVinyl, no threads to worry about or “O” ring seals–simply slide the pipe into position and crimp, using Flair-Its advanced PEXLock clamp.

This 3/4″ whole house shut-off valve is unique only to the Falir-It fitting and valve line-up. There are metal all plastic crimp valves, but not an all plastic hybrid design, as with this 1/4 turn valve by Flair-It. Its simple crimp design meets all the code approvals for North America, and can withstand extreme cold and heat.

Flair-It’s unique zone manifolding system can be mounted with-in the wall studs and then a cabinet door can be used to cover the access to the manifold valves.

Flair-It offers several tube cutting options for the retail store. The plastic handle cutter is spring-loaded in the handle, the blade is replaceable and can cut pipe up to and including 1″ PEX. This Falir-It cutter offers an affordable option for the home owner.

Flair-It has designed a pipe expander tool for the original white Flair-It fittings. This expander tool helps open the end of the PEX tube allowing for an easier install of the pipe onto the Flair-It push-on cone fitting. The head of the tool is designed for both 1/2″ and 3/4″ PEX pipe.

Flair-it’s line up of PEX pipe include their own branded PEX A pipe called FLEXPEX, and comes in colors under the brand name, SAFEPEX. Flair-It is one of the only companies to provide PEX A pipe in repair lengths of 5′, from sizes 3/8″ to 1″, all retail bar-tagged.

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