Deck Builders Remind Folks to Check Their Decks for Winter Damage

Burnsville, MN, June 05, 2018 –(– With the long winter months now a distant memory, many Minnesota homeowners are gearing up for the warm weather and preparing their outdoor decks for summer festivities. However, before the grill and deck furniture can come out, decks require a thorough inspection to ensure they are safe and in good condition for the dry months ahead. UglyDeck shares the most common signs of winter damage that homeowners should not ignore while inspecting their decks.
Discoloration on a deck’s surface or mildew buildup are telltale signs of water damage. Outdoor decks are exposed to heavy snow and moisture throughout the year, which makes water damage a shared frustration among homeowners. If not managed properly, water damage can worsen over time and cause decks to rot or become infested with termites.

Loose deck railings are another common sign of winter damage. It’s likely the nails securing the railings have become loose or soft. While inspecting a deck railing, homeowners should also check the deck’s entire surface area for other loose nails or screws. Leaving loose nails in a deck creates a safety hazard and allows moisture to seep into the cracks of deck materials, which can result in water damage.

Homeowners who are behind schedule on sealing their decks may begin to see signs of wood rot. Wood rot is a fungus that spreads rapidly and can cause serious damage to a deck and home. Sometimes, wood rot is hidden from sight while other times it develops in plain view. The best way to detect wood rot is to check for any soft spots in the structure of an outdoor deck using a screwdriver. Any deck materials exhibiting traces of wood rot need to be replaced immediately to avoid further spreading.

Check for early signs of winter damage to protect your outdoor deck from needing costly deck repairs in the future. If you think your outdoor deck is revealing signs of wood rot or structural damage, contact the deck builders at UglyDeck.

UglyDeck offers a wide variety of deck repair and deck restoration services, as well as maintenance free deck materials to keep your deck looking its best at any time of year. For a professional inspection of your outdoor deck or for a free deck quote, contact UglyDeck today.


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