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Welcome to the Cutting Edge Products Booth! We are delighted not only to be here but to be hosting this first annual virtual hardware and home improvement retailers show.

Cutting Edge Products magazine is your cost-effective way to showcase your products to the co-ops prior to the upcoming Fall Markets as well as the National Hardware Show.  An ad in Cutting Edge Products highlights your products’ features and benefits, and lets retailers know where and how they can purchase them.

No matter whether major distributors stock your products, this publication gives you the opportunity to reach retailers who are looking for the latest innovations. Even if you are in a co-op or distributor warehouse, you can’t just let your products sit on the shelves. Use Cutting Edge Products to create awareness and excitement at the retail level!

Now, suppliers can reach retail decision makers online, as well as through a trusted print publication. You can measure your ROI because we have an inquiry system in place.   In addition, advertising in’s email newsletter,  We come out 2x’s a week, we can offer  Product Spotlight, Boom Box ads, Sponsored e-Blast and more  which  will provide measurable return on your advertising investment. You will also get not only the Clicks, we give you the contact information at the end of each month.  We’re offering a combo buy between print and digital.

Be sure to reach out to our associates to let us know what you think of our virtual booth space, our First Annual Show and for any of your advertising needs!

Midwest & Great Lakes
Tony Sarantakis

West Coast
Kristy Dziukala

North & Southeast
Barry Kingwill

Jim Kingwill

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