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Crescent Tools Revamps JOBOX Storage Products

The #1 excess cost for construction sites is theft of tools and equipment. As sites constantly evolve and change, professionals need a safe, secure storage space for their tools and personal items. In addition to theft prevention we now see a significant and critical focus on improving safety on the construction site.

To address these growing needs, Crescent Tools has released three revamped JOBOX storage products that blend the toughness and durability professionals require with the right features to make their days easier. The brand’s new line of Piano Boxes, Chests and Tradesmen chests has been upgraded to give pros everything they need in a storage product — and nothing they don’t.

Product Manager Sam Samsel helped develop the concepts, bringing to the project more than 40 years of experience in the trade industry with national brands like Craftsman, JOBOX and, today, Crescent JOBOX industrial construction storage products.

“We develop everything through the voice of our customer,” Samsel said. “We go to the construction site and observe how storage products are being used. We constantly question what they like about the product, why they use it, how they would improve it, and what they don’t like. We want to know how to make the product more secure, better organized and safer to use.

And that’s how Crescent Tools developed the new concept for the Crescent JOBOX storage products: addressing needs directly from construction pros.

“We’ve said for years that what we are all about is rugged, dependable security,” Samsel said. “Today, we’re also improving safety and organization.”

From there, the team set out to make a product they’re proud of, including the three upgraded Crescent JOBOX options.

Piano Boxes

Crescent JOBOX offers two options: a Standard Piano and an Enhanced Piano. Both feature chamfered-edge lids for enhanced lid strength and increased shelf strength to carry up to 1,000 pounds. The upgraded lock system supports Master #1, #5 and #175, as well as American 50. Padlock-able sidewall storage in the piano is perfect for personal items like an iPad.

“The side walls are thicker, stronger and sturdier,” Samsel said. “Our lids overlap the formed sidewalls. If we’re going to keep the tools organized and protect them from theft, we need to protect them from weather, wind and rain, too.”

The Enhanced Piano also features a side-mount work table and 10-inch-deep bottom drawer, twice that of competitor products.


Crescent JOBOX Chests also are available in Standard and Enhanced options. Both feature chamfered-edge lids and commercial gas springs that control both opening and closing. The Standard Chests offer new deep-lid storage with upper- and lower-lid storage bins and cargo netting. Enhanced Chests boast a 10-inch-deep bottom drawer with an interior locking system, as well as lockable lid storage.

Tradesmen Boxes

The Grip-Rite lifting channel provides better grip on the lid for safer opening, while a gas spring prevents it from slamming shut. Ergonomic recessed handles allow for clearance at the bottom to eliminate finger pinching.

These new Crescent JOBOX options create smart storage from previously wasted space and provide built-in sidewall storage bins and a lockable bin for personal-item security and convenience.

 The team also identified a need for shelving to carry up to 1,000 pounds and boxes designed to load large equipment with a “drop front,” or ramp, to roll equipment into the box. Each revamped JOBOX product also is fit with heavy-duty four-way skid bolsters for easy loading and unloading from any side.

“Crescent JOBOX is my passion,” Samsel said. “We want to provide the best product we can to our customers. We want new Crescent JOBOX customers scratching their heads and asking why they ever purchased a competitive storage unit in the first place.”

Samsel said there’s no question the revamped Crescent JOBOX boxes offer a better option for superior storage and organization than others on the market.

For more information, visit crescenttool.com.

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