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Converting Appliances to Green Energy

While you may grow your family or upsize your home over time, we’re happy to share that the energy use in your household is only expected to go down. According to the International Energy Agency, major household appliances are becoming so energy efficient that consumption is dropping across the United States, with an expected additional drop of 15-20% energy use by 2030.   

That means a smaller carbon footprint for your home – and lower energy bills. If you’re on the hunt for new appliances to help accelerate your home’s conversion to greener energy, we recommend ENERGY STAR certified products. They’re built to be energy-efficient without sacrificing the power and performance you’re used to. The Home Depot offers more than 8,000 ENERGY STAR products in-store and online. Below are ENERGY STAR certified appliances that have received the Most Efficient rating.  

This dehumidifier doesn’t just hold 3-times more water and make draining easy with a lift-and-twist design – it also has multi-directional air intake and three different fan speeds. Best of all, it won an ENERGY STAR Most Efficient energy rating for its high-efficiency compressor, saving energy and money. 

This fridge has it all: LED lighting, humidity control and adjustable glass shelves with spill control. It’s also ENERGY STAR certified and will take an estimated 362 kilowatt-hours (kWh) — or $43 – to run per year. In comparison, a fridge from the 1980s runs on 2,000 kWh per year and eats approximately $200 in energy bills. 

Known as a reinvention of the window A/C, this U-shaped mounted unit allows you to open or shut your window while it’s installed. It’s also the first window A/C to ever obtain the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient rating with over 35% in energy savings when compared to regular air conditioners. 

Trying to go green in a different direction? Home Depot has a variety of other ENERGY STAR appliances available:  

To discover easier ways to save energy, visit To learn more about Home Depot’s commitment to sustainability, check out our ESG Report and Eco Actions website

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