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What was I thinking? It’s an age-old question everyone asks themselves at one time or another. It usually pops into your mind when you hit a brick wall and nothing seems to be going right. When you’re in the home improvement business, you may have plenty of these days−with bricks to spare. But, you can find comfort in knowing you’re not alone. There are plenty of retailers who have situations similar to what you’ve experienced and understand the challenges you face. They can help you navigate through the tough times.

But, you also want to celebrate the positive things that are going on in your world. Maybe, sales are up after you upgraded the lighting in your store. Or, you received a community service award from the local chamber of commerce. We want to give you an opportunity to tell everyone all about it. You can even give a “shout out” to someone else who deserves recognition.

Participating in online conversations is how we learn from each other and get help with business problems that someone may have already solved. Most importantly, it connects you to people with similar interests who instantly get what you’re talking about without taking you through changes.

To start the conversation and address the topics that are most important to you, send your questions to In upcoming weeks, we’ll launch “Community Connections,” an online forum. Your questions will be posted here and the retail community will be invited to share their answers with you. The forum is one of several future enhancements to this site,

Of course, you can also count on Home Improvement Retailer to connect you to resources that offer practical solutions to your everyday problems. We want to keep you in the loop about hot products, industry news, trends and much more.

Just as important, this is the place to get timely updates about products, manufacturers and the industry. You’ll get a fresh perspective on important topics that can help your business grow successfully. Be sure to check here a couple of times a week to get better acquainted with everything Home Improvement Retailer offers.

I know you don’t have a lot of spare time, so spend a little of the time you have with us.


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