Centreville Roofing Contractors Advise Against DIY NOVA Roof Repair

Chantilly, VA, June 06, 2018 –(PR.com)– The Centreville roofing contractors at Beyond Exteriors released a blog advising against do-it-yourself Northern Virginia roof repair. While DIY projects can sometimes be cheaper and quicker than hiring professionals, the Northern Virginia roof repair specialists warned that DIY roof work could result in more damage and expensive repair down the line.
Maintaining a home’s roof is vital to ensuring the safety of the people and property inside. Missing, warped, or damaged shingles, as well as drainage issues such as buildup in gutters, could compromise the roof’s ability to withstand leaking. Dark or soft spots in the drywall could indicate that drainage and leaking issues already exist. Exposed nails and sagging areas in the roof may also be signs that a roof is in need of repair.

DIY roof repair may seem like an attractive option, but it can lead to significant problems. Working on a roof requires special training in order to understand the roof’s unique environment. Without this training, homeowners risk injury by falling, tripping, or stepping on a soft spot that they failed to notice. Lack of training may also prevent a homeowner from understanding the full scope of the problem, leading to incomplete repairs or missed areas of damage that will need expensive repairs in the future. Homeowners may spend money on materials only to realize that the project is not as straightforward as they anticipated, leading to wasted money on materials and more money spent when a professional is hired after all. DIY projects are generally not covered by insurance or manufacturers warranties, and claims that may have been covered if they had been done by a professional will be more expensive and must be paid for out of pocket. DIY projects may also result in lopsided, misplaced shingles, potentially damaging the home’s curb appeal and ability to protect the roof.

Beyond Exteriors are Northern Virginia roof repair specialists that can install roofs that are durable, save repair costs, and match the aesthetic of any home. The firm provides free estimates, fast response times, thorough inspections, and emergency leak repair services. Each project begins with a comprehensive examination of the roofing system and consultation about about each homeowner’s needs and budget. Beyond Exteriors prides itself on maintaining clean worksites and completing projects on time.

Speak to Beyond Exteriors’ Centreville roofing contractors to ensure that your roof repairs are done correctly and securely. The firm can be reached at 703-854-9820 or online at https://www.beyondexteriors.com/. Beyond Exteriors is headquartered at 14524 Lee Road, Unit E, Chantilly, VA 20151.


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