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Celebrating Small Business Saturday

Own a small business? Well, November 27th is your big day. That Saturday, Americans will flock to small businesses in droves to shop and show their support. Wedged between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday has secured its spot as one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Participating in the event is quickly becoming a holiday tradition that generates excitement and commands our attention.

Three Days Devoted to Shopping
Although consumers now blur the lines between shopping online or in brick-and-mortar stores, at one point there were reasons for specific buying behaviors. On Black Friday, shoppers are expected to hit big box stores such as Walmart, Target or Best Buy. On Small Business Saturday, everyone is asked to shop in their local communities–think hardware stores, restaurants, beauty salons, bakeries and clothing boutiques. And, on Cyber Monday, the shopping marathon moves online to focus on larger retailers and ecommerce businesses.

Capturing the Hearts of Communities
Small Business Saturday has become a community affair with almost 8,000 Neighborhood Champions across all 50 states. To promote the day in their communities, Neighborhood Champions and local organizations hold events and activities throughout the day. Activities can include parties, giveaways, food trucks, product discounts, and more.

Due to the movement’s rising popularity and community focus, it has also been embraced by trade associations, big cities, small towns, public officials and corporations.

Ringing up Gold
Since its inception in 2010, shoppers have spent an estimated $85 billion in support of independent retailers on Small Business Saturday. American Express originally launched the day to help bolster independent business that were struggling to survive after the recession. Today, it is a festive way to kick off the holiday selling season and spend more time with customers.

Celebrate Your Business
When your town holds a celebration, everyone expects the guest of honor to show up. If you’re a business owner, make an effort to get involved in Small Business Saturday. If all of this activity is new to you, keep your marketing activities and events simple to avoid being bogged down with details. After all, you have less than a week to prepare. Get started by downloading posters, email templates, and posting information on social media and your website.

Helpful Advice from Experts
For more information about Small Business Saturday, refer to the following resources:

Small Business Saturday Facebook page
Small Business Administration at

Be sure to ask family, friends and loyal customers to spread the word about Small Business Saturday. Getting more people involved is an innovative way to create lasting connections and build community. Good luck and great selling.

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