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Beach Front Property Management Offers Rent, Food and Utilities Aid to Federal Employee Residents in Southern California Affected by the Shutdown

LONG BEACH, Calif.–Beach Front Property Management, Inc. (“Beach Front”), a premier third-party property management service provider, sent letters today to more than 7,100 residents throughout Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties to provide support to those residents who are federal employees affected by the ongoing government shutdown. In the letter, the company offered its help by allowing federal workers to forego February rent until 14 days after the shutdown is concluded.

In addition, Beach Front offered up to $500 in interest-free loans to these residents to help them pay for food and utilities during the shutdown. The loans will be due with the back rent.

“We wanted to do something for these workers who are facing hardships through no fault of their own,” stated Kyle Kazan, Beach Front founder and CEO. “We know there are at least a dozen affected employees among our units, and maybe many others, who will benefit from our offer. It seems small enough given the many services our federal employees provide all of us every day.”

About Beach Front Property Management, Inc.

Beach Front Property Management, Inc. was founded in 1999 to provide quality third party, property management services. The company manages more than 7,100 units in apartment communities and commercial buildings, primarily in Southern California Every client is assigned a regional property supervisor to provide a superior level of personalized service. Beach Front believes that complete dedication to residents creates longevity and stable communities. For more information, please visit

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[Note to editors: Following is the letter sent to residents today]

January 23, 2019

Dear Valued Resident:

We hope you are having a good start to the New Year, and we take this opportunity to wish each of you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019.

Unfortunately, we are all too aware that some of you are having a very challenging 2019. If you are one of the 800,000 federal employees facing another month without pay due to the government shutdown, then you are probably wondering how to pay your expenses and support your families.

Beach Front Property Management, Inc., which manages your building, wants to help. If you are a federal employee and cannot afford to pay your upcoming February rent due to the shutdown, we will allow you to forego this payment until you receive your back pay. At that time, any unpaid rent will be due, but with all late fees waived as long as the rent is paid in full within 14 days of the government reopening. All you need to do is email or call your local manager and provide enough employment information to confirm you are a valid federal employee whose pay is being withheld.

If you also need support with payment of food and/or utilities, please advise your local manager. We are prepared to advance you up to $500 in an interest-free loan to cover those expenses. Like the back rent, that amount will be due in full within 14 days of the government reopening.

We hope this consideration provides some meaningful service to those residents in our over 7,100 units who are indisposed due to the shutdown. We appreciate the work you do for all of us.

Yours truly,

Kyle Kazan
Chief Executive Officer
Beach Front Property Management, Inc.

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