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As a retailer, are you tired of seeing so-called “new products”, that are simply a different version of an existing product you’re already carrying??   If you want to learn about a truly innovative product, then take a little time extra time and learn about this product.  Retailers need to know about Arm Chaps??   Retailers are totally missing out on providing the needed hand/wrist/forearm protection that people are looking for.   Retailers may not  understand the need for such protection  OR  are finding that the options available are very slim.

Yes, retailers already provide work gloves, but their protection stops at the wrist, (often not even protecting the wrist).   Want proof?   Put a pair of work gloves on, then extend your hand/arm out in front of you, pointing to something in the distance.   If you can see your wrist while doing this….then the wrist is NOT protected!!   And clearly, work gloves don’t protect the forearm.  

Hardware Retailers have a huge customer base doing (1 or more) of the following activities on a regular basis or these activities may even be your customers occupation or hobby:

  • Clearing land or brush
  • Cutting wood, using portable sawmills
  • Running chainsaws or hand saws
  • Carrying bundles of branches, wood, and other materials
  • Gardening with thorny bushes, plants, fruit trees, etc…
  • Various landscaping jobs
  • Working with barb wire
  • Working with animals that can bite, claw, or peck at the arms
  • Wood & Metal fabrication projects
  • Working with extremely sharp tools that could slip and cut a wrist or forearm
  • Demolition or remodeling of buildings (broken glass, sharp metal, nails, etc…)
  • Mechanic work on cars, truck, mowers, tractors, engines, exhaust systems, etc…  
  • Even hunters walking through thick brush, crawling on the ground, climbing trees
  • Plus 100’s of other activities

Most work gloves are sold for the exact activities just mentioned.  Do you think injuries from these activities are “confined” to just the hand and fingers??    Of course not!   Wrist and forearm injuries are a big problem when doing these activities!!   If you don’t believe that, then you’ve never done these activities.

Most retailers are not providing anything for this wrist & forearm protection, which does a huge dis-service for their customers.   Some retailers offer only 1 option, which is a inexpensive woven/knit sleeve that is uncomfortable, not practical for most situations, provides no “adjustable” airflow, snags on all sharp objects, provides no true pucture protection, no bruise protection, no burn protection, slides down a persons arm on its own, and comes in one size that doesn’t fit anyone very well.   Why is that???      American ingenuity can do far better than that!!!

You offer a variety of gloves, a variety of hammers, a variety of shovels……but likely only 1 or NO protective sleeves for any of these activities that your customer base is performing on a regular basis.  Again, gloves only protect the hand, which is only 1/3 of the protection needed for these activities.  We’ve heard from our customers that they’ve been looking for something that provides protection for the wrists and forearms for years, yet could never find anything.   Those people are so thankful that they finally found Arm Chaps.    Don’t believe it, then you need to read our Customer Testimonials.

Based on this information alone, it would be well-worth trying this product out.  But we are also going to provide dealers a nearly risk-free opportunity to do it!!    You will not be stuck with any product from your initial purchase order.   How many other companies will take back their product at full cost??

Ok, so who are we, and what are Arm Chaps???

  1. VanStarr Enterprises is a 20 year old company located in Hudson Wisconsin. It’s owner (Rick Redman) is the original developer of Arm Chaps®.  We perfected this product over many years, learning what worked and what didn’t to achieve maximum effectiveness, versatility, and comfort.  
  1. Arm Chaps, are leather protective sleeves that protect the hands, wrists, and forearms, while leaving the fingers exposed to allow the wearer full use & touch of their fingers.  Of course, regular gloves can easily be worn over the Arm Chaps when finger protection is needed. 
  1. Arm Chaps are designed to prevent nearly any Cut, Scratch, Abrasion, Puncture, Bruise, and Burn in nearly any activity.  There is no other product remotely like Arm Chaps, nor is there any product that can provide all the benefits that Arm Chaps can.  You’d have to combine several products to even come close…..if it’s even remotely possible.
  1. Another version of Arm Chaps even extends protection to cover the elbow for those people that need that extra extended protection.  And, two other versions are dedicated to Welding and High-Cut level (A5) protection.  Each have their own unique and impressive benefits.  All versions carry the name “Arm Chaps”.
  1. People would be shocked at the physics that went into this simple-looking product.  Once people learn about this products capabilities, they become very impressed.  Many customers have even taken the time to call us, simply to “Thank Us” for creating this product, explaining how its been a God Send for them.   Not many products can claim this type of feedback, and we’re extremely honored to hear such feedback.
  1. Arm Chaps clever design provides over 30 Benefits and are useful in100’s of activities.    Today, Arm Chaps are truly the “Gold Standard” in hand/arm protection, which you’ll understand once you use them!   Over 99.5% of the people that buy this product Love them, and Keep them!    In fact, our “product” return rate is at .23%  (or .0023).   So, out of every 1000 pair sold, 2 pair will be returned.    This is an amazing number!!
  1. Arm Chaps provide 2X – 3X more protection than regular work gloves.  This is a significant increase in safety!
  1. One of Arm Chaps greatest benefits is that it’s the only protective sleeve with “Adjustable” air-flow to help the wearer stay comfortable in any season and in nearly any situation.  This adjustable air-flow even makes them cooler to wear than a long sleeve shirts on a hot day.
  1. Arm Chaps are available in 6 sizes to get a “Best Fit” for nearly anyone, and are available in 4 colors.  They can be used indoors/outdoors, farm & ranch, home, in the shop, on the job, literally anywhere!!    They will fit Male or Female of nearly any age.
  1.   Arm Chaps are even effective enough to protect people over 50 years old suffering from “Thin Skin” or “Bruising” issues.  Again, this is a significant portion of your customers!!  These 2 issues are becoming more and more of a problem due medications and health issues.  These people can’t find anything effective to help with these issues.   Its critical that we all need to help keep these people active doing things that bring their business to retailers, who sell the items they need.  If they stop doing those activities, then they stop buying the needed items, and stop being customers.  This is a problem retailers need to understand!   However, there’s an easy solution….provide the protection they’ve been looking for!
  1.   Arm Chaps can also protect existing injuries, or protect hand/wrist/arm areas that are weak due to prior injuries.
  1.   Also understand that there are a lot of situations where a person wants hand, wrist, and forearm protection, but they need full use/feel of their fingers.  Gloves can’t be worn in these situations, and a long shirt/coat sleeve wont effectively protect a person and will likely be too bulky to reach into tight areas or will easily snag on sharp objects.
  1.   Our “online” customer have spoken loud & clear….  “The Arm Chaps are amazing! But you need to get them into our local Hardware stores, Building Supply stores, Farm & Ranch stores, and Garden & Landscaping stores!!”
  1.   Today, retailers provide protection for the hands, head, feet, legs, ears, and eyes because businesses have developed that protection and we’ve learned how protecting these areas are important.  Yet, where is the (effective & comfortable) protection for the wrists and forearms?  The wrists & forearms are typically much closer to the danger sources that can cause an injury, yet the wrists & forearms are usually completely unprotected or poorly protected.  People often forget how vulnerable our wrists & forearms are to injuries….if the tendons, fragile bones, blood vessels, or arteries are injured, it can be very costly, lost wages due to down time, and possibly losing full function of the hand/arm, which would impact a person the rest of their life.  It’s insane (or better yet ignorant) to not protect these areas when your performing any injury-prone activity.  A little education can bring a lot of “Common Sense” to the average person.
  1.   So, what was available before Arm Chaps??   Various welding sleeves, light mesh material sleeves, and woven/knitted cut-resistant sleeves do exist.   However, they all have drawbacks including::   They can be uncomfortable to wear, ineffective, very hot to wear, no adjustable air-flow at all, difficult to ‘Put On’ or “Take Off’, not practical except for certain industrial settings, cocklebur and other sticky throny bushes will stick to them, they provide no wrist support, they are not puncture resistant, and definitely not Bruise resistant…….its comforting that Arm Chaps do NOT have any of these drawbacks and can actually be used in 100’s of situations that the others can’t.   Oh, and lets not forget people may try to use welding gloves or oven mitts for that protection…..but quickly learn they now have lost nearly total use of their fingers….so they don’t work effectively either.
  1.   Arm Chaps are kind of like introducing Cell Phones or Personal Computers to people for the first time…..meaning, at first people are sceptical and don’t see much value in the product, but once people understand all the “Benefits and Uses” of the product, it becomes hard to live without them.   Today, how many of us have cell phones or a personal computer…. or even work gloves, eye protection, ear plugs, or a helmet of some kind??   Luckily, people have been looking for something like Arm Chaps for years to provide them the hand/wrist/forearm protection they need, so demand is already there.   Where as people weren’t looking for cell phones or computers before they were introduced to the public, so there was little demand for them.   The most difficult part of selling Arm Chaps is simply getting people to hear that it’s finally available.
  1.   Arm Chaps are available immediately to retailers, and comes with a “Sales Guarantee” to all retailers wanting to test-market the product for themselves.
  1.   Contact info:
    1. Ph:   651-492-4830
    1. Email:
    1. Website:

Arm Chaps Top 5 Benefits  (out of 30+ Benefits)::

                        – Prevents nearly any injury to the Hands, Wrists, & Forearms.  Including:: Cuts, Scratches,

      Abrasions, Puncture Wounds, Bruises, and even Burns.   2X – 3X the protection of gloves!!

                        – Provides total dexterity of the fingers, allowing full use of the fingers.

                        – ONLY sleeve that provides adjustable Air-Flow  (actually cooler to wear than long sleeves).

                        – Easy and quick to “Put On” or “Take Off”.   And they stay out of a persons way!

                        – Even helps protect skin that’s Thin or Bruises easily.  This is much bigger than you know!

                        * This is NOT a one size fits all.   Our 6 sizes provide ideal fit & comfort for most anyone!

            Arm Chaps Top 5 Uses  (out of 100’s of Uses)::

                        – Cutting wood & clearing brush.

                        – Gardening & Landscaping working with Thorny Plants.

                        – Mechanic work on any vehicle or any kind of equipment.

                        – Wood or Metal fabrication projects.  Building demolition/renovations.

                        – Handling Pets or Animals with sharp claws or often bite.

                        * Absolutely any situation where hand, wrist, or forearm protection is needed!

To see the product and a video of the product “In Action”, please visit our website    and review the following 3 pages:    It’s well worth your time!!

  • Benefits & Uses, and different versions of this product.   
  • Arm Chaps in Action” and enjoy watching it.

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