An Orange Year for Greenbuild

The 2019 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo arrives soon. Greenbuild is the largest annual event for professionals worldwide to learn about solutions to improve sustainability and quality of life in our communities.  

The Home Depot, a dedicated supporter of green building around the world, will serve as the title sponsor of the event being held from November 19-22 at the Georgia World Congress Center, in Atlanta, GA. The Expo will feature 200+ education sessions, keynote speakers and thousands of environmentally friendly products.   

Ron Jarvis, vice president of environmental innovation, talks about the history with Greenbuild, the company’s commitment to bold environmental strides and what is most surprising.   

Q: What first attracted The Home Depot to Greenbuild and how long have you been involved?  

A: When Greenbuild came to Atlanta in 2005, it was a small show with fold-up tables. We recognized right away that we were working toward the same goal—to bring products to customers and builders that have less of an environmental impact—so we attended with great interest. For 11 years now, we have participated as an exhibitor, taking on more and more responsibility every year. When we heard Greenbuild was coming back to Atlanta, where The Home Depot is headquartered, we knew this was an opportunity we couldn’t miss to support green building around the world, from our home city.  

Q: What trends are you seeing in green building that you’re excited to spot at the Expo?  

A: We are seeing an emphasis on products with lower carbon emissions, which is not only a priority for The Home Depot, but our customers as well. We’re excited to see what new battery-operated products we’ll uncover at the expo.  

Q: What will people be most surprised to find at Greenbuild?  

A: I think most people will be surprised to learn that there are countless continuing education classes they can hear right from center stage. It’s an amazing concentration of experts, speaking on our most timely green building topics.   

Q: What would you say to people interested in green products who typically shop at specialty stores?   

A: We have an entire line of products that are green, and it’s growing. Last year Eco Options products generated $10 billion in sales, up from $500,000 when we debuted it in 2007. People want green home improvement products, and The Home Depot has them. You don’t have to go to a specialty store. We have products that offer the same energy savings. We have products with the same low level of chemicals. We just have it all at a lower price.    

Ron Jarvis will be leading a session on Setting “Green” Purchase Boundaries, Thursday, November 21 from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM | Booth 1941. If you can attend the conference, stop in to learn more about The Home Depot’s sustainability journey. If not, tune back in here for Greenbuild news, including supplier spotlights, key insights from Ron’s session, and The Home Depot’s top takeaways from Greenbuild 2019, Atlanta.   

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