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Ames Research Laboratories Rolls Out a New Product Offering

Salem, OR – Ames Research Laboratories Inc., a global manufacturer of specialty coatings, recently announced the introduction of their new, innovative Capstone Granite Coating. Capstone Granite is a single component acrylic decorative concrete coating with decorative chips incorporated into the resin, providing a granite-like finish.

Packaged in 5-gallon containers and available in six aesthetically-pleasing color blends, Capstone Granite is ideal for pedestrian walkways, pool decks, and vertical surfaces.

Carl Sabo, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, states, “Capstone Granite removes concrete’s one inherent issue – its appearance. Concrete is a durable building material, but it’s not pretty. Capstone Granite removes that shortcoming while adding a decorative punch to concrete surfaces.”

To learn more about Capstone Granite, visit or call 888-345-0809.

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