Amazon accounts for more than a third of total online U.S. retail sales

CHICAGO, September 10, 2019—Amazon now accounts for 37% of total U.S. online retail sales, up from 34% in 2017, according to the just-released 2019 Amazon Report.   With 58% of its $232.9 billion revenue coming from its marketplace, Amazon is the largest online U.S. marketplace. Last year alone, over 25,000 sellers worldwide sold more than $1 million on Amazon, with the average U.S. marketplace merchant selling more than $90,000 on the site. But Amazon’s marketplace is only a fraction of what the industry giant is focusing on these days. For example, in the past year, Amazon has been growing its fulfillment sector, housing 155.4 million square feet of warehouse space in the U.S. and will be investing in more aircraft carriers, bringing its total fleet up to 50. Amazon has been making significant investments, including: 

  • Rapidly growing advertising business, which has quickly cemented its place as the third-largest digital advertising platform in the U.S., behind Facebook and Google
  • Hugely profitable Amazon Web Services division, which grew its sales of cloud computing and storage services by 68.6% last year
  • Whole Foods Stores, Amazon Go outlets and other physical retail locations, which generated three times more revenue last year than the year before

 The 77-page 2019 Amazon Report dives into what Amazon is doing now in terms of its online marketplace, computing, offline stores and more. This report includes a close look at the global web sales, growth, biggest competitors and the potential pitfalls Amazon might face in the coming year. The report has 30+ charts quantifying the state of Amazon, including data on its revenue streams, fulfillment centers and fastest-growing segments. In addition, the report includes interviews with executives at leading and fastest-growing online retailers who currently use some of Amazon’s services.

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