A/C Expertek Advises Homeowners to Heed Their Air Conditioner’s Warning Signs

Goodyear, AZ, June 09, 2018 –(PR.com)– The 100-plus degree days have arrived, marking the beginning of air conditioning season. Your air conditioner can fail at any time if you don’t know the warning signs.

“Some of the warning signs are fairly obvious, while others are subtler,” explains Bryce Heffelfinger, owner of A/C Expertek in Goodyear. “Knowing the warning signs will allow you to get professional service before the problems get out of control.”

A typical air conditioner will last about 10 years. If your air conditioner is running but your house is not as cool, it can be a sign of:

– low Freon levels,
– compressor failure,
– a clogged air filter, or
– a clogged return duct.

Heffelfinger advises home owners to inspect their air conditioners–inside and outside the house. Look for any oil spray or splatters on the air conditioner’s components. If you see them, it indicates that a major seal gasket has blown and caused the unit’s Freon to leak. A Freon leak should be fixed immediately; if the unit’s Freon is allowed to go dry, the compressor will sustain major damage.

“The only noise you should hear is the steady quiet hum of the air conditioner working smoothly,” Heffelfinger continues. “If you’re hearing rattles, bangs, or other noises, it’s not functioning properly. A technician can identify these noises and their root problems.”

Most repairs on air conditioners are quite simple, but homeowners frequently avoid a check-up as they fear a large bill. If your AC unit is new, you may find that the repair is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty. Even if it is not new, it’s best to fix a small problem quickly rather than delay and let it grow into a larger problem, Heffelfinger says.

“If your unit is older than 10 years, our technicians can give it a thorough check during an annual check-up or as part of a maintenance plan,” Heffelfinger explains. “We can also give you an indication of the unit’s remaining life.”

A family-owned business, A/C Expertek has more than 28 years of experience servicing Valley home owners and has an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

For more information, visit www.ACExpertek.com or call 623-537-4830.

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