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5 Fun Ideas to Heat Up Slow Summer Sales 

The weather is getting warmer across the country. It’s not surprising people want to have fun and enjoy outdoor activities. Resuming vacations and travel will prompt some folks to postpone a few projects and make fewer trips to the hardware store. Typically, sales at home improvement centers dip during the summer months. However, savvy retailers stay in the game year around and come up with fresh ideas to stay profitable—the summer months are no exception. Turning seasonal slow-downs into an opportunity to keep customers engaged with special promotions can strengthen connections to the community and help your business stand out from competitors.

  1. Promote Holidays and Special Occasions
    Consumers are already pre-disposed to spend money for special occasions and holidays, and you just need to give them reasons to shop your store. Father’s Day is June 19 and dad or some other lucky person would welcome a new power tool, gardening equipment, or lawnmower. Promoting big-ticket items online and in-store in time for the Father’s Day Weekend can boost sales in a big way. If your business offers special financing, highlight the monthly payment to make purchasing the item more affordable. People love how-to demonstrations. Hold outdoor demos to highlight the benefits of the tools you want to promote, then hold a drawing to give the item away. 
  2. Hold Fun and Festive Demos
    Plan for a fun and festive Fourth of July and Labor Day celebrations. Grilling is a popular activity that brings multiple generations together. Additionally, grills come in many styles and are priced to fit every budget. Sauces, condiments, and grilling accessories are big sellers with high mark-ups that keep customers returning after purchasing a grill. Bring customers to the store by offering free hotdogs and soft drinks the last weekend in June and the first weekend in September to create excitement and sell more grills before these big outdoor holidays. 
  3. Offer Summer-themed Flash Sales
    Flash sales create a sense of urgency and make consumers think they are missing out on great products and special savings if they don’t participate. The event can be held online and in-store whenever your business needs to boost revenue. Place a time limit on sales to prompt shoppers to act quickly. A 48-hour sale works well since it gives retailers time to alert customers and still be spontaneous. Invite customers to join the fun by creating a summer-themed event with the option to win merchandise.  
  4. Dog Days of Summer Sale
  5. Classic Songs of Summer Sale
  6. Summer Madness Sale
  7. Movie Blockbuster Sale
  8. Take the Show Outdoors
    People are naturally curious when it comes to them checking out outdoor events. Sidewalk sales are an oldie but goodie. When merchandise is moved outside, it appears the store is overflowing with activity and seasonal products. It’s hard for someone passing by to ignore items that are standing in front of them. Sidewalk sales are a simple way to get attention and create traffic without additional expense. Give the sales a modern twist by promoting the product assortment on social media and the company website to encourage the community to drop by. Remember, everything on display doesn’t have to be on sale. This approach lets you maintain margins and increase profits. 
  9. Do Good in the Neighborhood
    Consumers are more inclined to shop in stores that support a worthy cause. In addition to donating money, there are other things that local businesses can do to contribute to the community. One of the best ways to make a real impact is to partner with another company or local organization. Consider the interests of your customers before investing valuable time and resources. If you live in a pet-friendly community, support a local animal shelter by holding a pet adoption day outdoors. Offering eco-friendly products such as lighting, organic gardening, and cleaning supplies can help consumers become more environmentally conscious and promote sustainability. Sponsoring the local little league or donating merchandise to underserved schools is an investment in the well-being of children. There are also other options you may want to consider.
  10. Donating a portion of sales from an event to a local charity
  11. Offering summer jobs to teens in the community

Get Started Today 
Summer is only a few weeks away, but you still have time to plan summer promotions and put them into action to rev up sales. Homeowners must complete small projects to maintain their indoor and outdoor spaces. These are a few helpful ideas to generate more sales this summer. Add them to your toolbox and pull them out as needed.

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