2020 Colors of the Year Pay Homage to Nature

Everyone’s talking about the paint colors that customers will be buying next year. Recently, several paint manufacturers announced their 2020 Color of the Year. The companies also rolled out complementing color palettes. The news creates a buzz in the home improvement industry and gets the attention of decorators, consumers, and social media influencers.

What does all of this mean to retailers who sell paint? Typically, customers purchase items in a hardware store or home center for very practical reasons. For example, they need to buy a new drill, replace a faucet, or reseed the lawn. However, paint is one of the few product categories that offers both a practical and emotional buying experience. Understanding the factors that motivate people to buy specific colors, and promoting popular colors can help you sell more paint. You’ll attract customers who want ideas and tips on the latest color trends and new paint products. 

Gallup Polls Indicate High Levels of Stress
Living in a booming economy is not the answer to achieving peace of mind. As a nation, we are stressed, angry, and worried at such a high degree that our stress levels are higher than 143 countries studied in a recent Gallup report. Some startling facts worth noting:

  • In 2018, 55 percent of Americans experienced stress frequently the previous day
  • 45 percent of people worried a lot
  • 22 percent were often angry

The report indicates,Each of these figures matches or tops previous highs in the U.S. Additionally, Gallup’s latest annual update on the world’s emotional state shows Americans were more likely to be stressed and worried than much of the world. In fact, the 55% of Americans who experienced stress was one of the highest rates out of the 143 countries studied and it beat the global average (35%) by a full 20 percentage points. The U.S. even ties statistically with Greece, which has led the world on this measure every year since 2012”.

2020 Colors of the Year Promote Tranquility
The colors that chosen as the 2020 paint colors of the year reflect a common theme. They are relaxing and can help consumers escape from the stress and anxiety generated from living in a technology-driven society. The colors tap into a desire to achieve serenity and simplicity by reconnecting us to familiar elements in nature that calm our minds and create a spirit of optimism.

PPG Paints selects Chinese Porcelain
Dee Schlotter, PPG’s senior color marketing manager, describes Chinese Porcelain as a “deep, shaded, orchid blue that instills calmness, reduces anxiety, and encourages sleep. This soothing blue imparts slowness, encouraging consumers to practice mindfulness and be more present in their lives while offering the spirit of hopefulness—a precious commodity in a restless world.” Chinese Porcelain is a vibrant shade of blue that is ideal for accenting bedroom walls or transforming the front door into an inviting entryway into the home.

Behr Paint’s Takes Us Back to Nature
Behr describes its color choice for 2020 as a restorative, meadow-inspired green that is influenced by our desire to connect with nature, Erika-Woelfel, vice-president of color and creative services says,
“ As we look ahead to a new decade, Back to Nature encourages us to reengage with the natural world, which we know can have a real, positive impact on our well-being. Everyone has a different way of engaging with nature. Whether you’re biking on a forest path, canoeing on a lake or walking on the beach, green is prevalent in nearly every outdoor landscape—it is easily nature’s favorite color.”

Sherwin-Williams goes bold with Naval in 2020
Inspiration from nature and art deco elements motivated the color experts at Sherwin-Williams to select a rich shade of celestial blue as the company’s 2020 Color of the Year. Naval is a crisp version of the navy color that is a beloved staple in everyone’s life. In announcing the news, the company says,  “Giving a nod to Art Deco influences, Naval fuses the striking and bold opulence of Art Deco with the awe-inspiring power of nature – from the infinite night sky to the mysterious depths of the sea – bringing navy out of its comfort zone to usher in an empowering new year and fresh decade of change. This deep shade evokes a prominent sense of confidence that fuses timeless color with a fresh mix of natural materials and textures that bring navy blue into a new era.”

Color Influences Our Lives
The Pantone Color Institute forecasts color trends that influence fashion, manufacturing, and consumer’s buying decisions.  When speaking at the International Home and Housewares Show, Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone’s executive director talked about color in the new era, and the importance color plays in everyday life, “there is that other need humans have, particularly in the world we live in today, for comfort and calm.”

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